Rishi Sunak speaks to Benjamin Netanyahu, reiterates UK’s support for Israel’s security

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LONDON: United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held a telephonic conversation with his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Tuesday and reiterated the UK’s support for Israel’s security after Iran’s attack over the weekend. The UK PM noted that further escalation will only deepen instability in the region.
In a post on X, Rishi Sunak stated, “Earlier today, I spoke to Prime Minister @netanyahu and reiterated our support for Israel’s security following Iran’s reckless attack at the weekend.Further significant escalation will only deepen instability in the region. This is a moment for calm heads to prevail.”
During the talks, Sunak said Iran had badly miscalculated and was increasingly isolated on the global stage, with the G7 coordinating a diplomatic response. He stressed that significant escalation was in no one’s interest and would only deepen insecurity in the Middle East.
A statement released by the UK PM’s office stated, “He reiterated the UK’s steadfast support for Israel’s security and for wider regional stability. Prime Minister Netanyahu thanked the UK for its rapid and robust support in the face of Iran’s reckless and dangerous attack on Saturday.”
On Gaza, UK PM Rishi Sunak said he remained “gravely concerned” about the deepening humanitarian crisis. He stated that the UK wanted to see a massive step change in aid access to flood Gaza with vital supplies, including Israel opening up new aid routes as quickly as possible.
A statement released by the UK PM’s office stated, “The Prime Minister said it was deeply disappointing that Hamas blocked a deal at the weekend that would have saved Palestinian lives and secured the safe release of hostages.”
Iran on Saturday night launched a barrage of 300 attack drones and missiles from its territory towards Israel, triggering air raid sirens throughout the country on Sunday morning as the military tried to intercept the Iranian projectiles, The Times of Israel reported.
The onset of the assault was confirmed by IDF Spokesman Daniel Hagari. Alongside missile launches, Hagari noted that Iran also fired missiles at Israel, with “numerous” Israeli fighter jets swiftly mobilising to counter the attacks. Air raid sirens blared across Israel early Sunday, starting at 1:42 am in southern Israeli communities and soon spreading throughout the country and many towns in the West Bank.
Explosions resounded across the north and south, with reports of a young girl sustaining injuries from shrapnel following the interception of an Iranian ballistic missile in southern Israel. The 7-year-old girl, from a Bedouin town near Arad, was rushed to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba in serious condition.
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards confirmed the launch of numerous drones and missiles, targeting specific locations in Israel. Iranian state media quoted a statement from the elite force, acknowledging the attack.
Hagari provided details on the scale of the attack, stating that Iran unleashed over 300 projectiles, including 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles and added that Israeli air defences intercepted 99 per cent of the incoming threats, minimising the impact of the assault, The Times of Israel reported.
The leaders of the G7 nations have condemned Iran’s retaliatory drone and missile strikes on Israel in response to the attack on its consulate earlier this month, CNN reported, citing a joint statement released on Sunday after a virtual meeting.
“We express our full solidarity and support to Israel and its people and reaffirm our commitment towards its security,” read the statement, adding, “With its actions, Iran has further stepped towards the destabilisation of the region and risks provoking an uncontrollable regional escalation. This must be avoided.”
The G7 leaders vowed to continue working towards stabilising the situation and avoiding further escalation. “In this spirit, we demand that Iran and its proxies cease their attacks, and we stand ready to take further measures now and in response to further destabilising initiatives,” the statement read further.

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