Russian tennis player Vladislav Ivanov gets four-year ban for refusing doping test

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Russian tennis player Vladislav Ivanov has been given a four-year suspension for refusing to provide a urine sample for a doping test, the International Tennis Integrity Agency said on Friday.

Ivanov’s violation took place in September 2022 while he was competing at a tournament in Casablanca, Morocco.

The ITIA said Ivanov “was notified to provide an in-competition urine sample and refused to do so, leaving the tournament venue.” He later returned to provide a sample but was still charged for “refusing to provide a sample when asked to do so.”

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Ivanov’s career-high ATP world singles ranking was No. 835, also in September 2022.

“A player refusing to undertake a test is rare, but this sends a powerful message to any sportsperson about the devastating consequences if they do,” ITIA chief executive Karen Moorhouse said.

“We strongly urge players who are selected for testing to provide their sample at the earliest opportunity, listen carefully to instructions given to them by the doping control officer and be chaperoned from the moment of notification through to sample collection,” Moorhouse added. “We understand that the testing process can be inconvenient, but it is vital in the fight for a clean sport.”


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