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TL;DR: With SwiftScan VIP, you can scan anything from handwritten notes to QR codes from your mobile device. Through April 16th, it’s on sale for $48 when using coupon code ENJOY20 at checkout.

It’s 2024; why would you need a physical scanner to make scans, potentially wasting time and money for your business? You can leverage your iOS or Android device camera to make high-quality scans with ease with the help of SwiftScan VIP. This intuitive app has earned a sterling 4.8/5 stars on the App Store, and it’s on sale for more than half off for a limited time.

About SwiftScan

SwiftScan allows you to create scans of printed documents, handwritten notes, receipts, whiteboards, sketchbooks, barcodes and QR codes with just a tap. Scan to PDF or JPG and send files via email or fax quickly, or store them for later by uploading to your preferred cloud service. All SwiftScan scans capture documents at 200 dpi quality or better, automatically enhancing scan quality with color filters, blur reduction and auto-optimization.

You can easily capture a single document with Auto-Capture or scan multiple pages and save them as a single document. SwiftScan automatically identifies document edges to perfectly capture and crop images without you having to get into additional editing. That said, if you do want to make edits, SwiftScan allows you to annotate scans, redact content, add signatures and notes or rearrange pages as you like. Once scanned, you’ll be able to easily find and share scans in a library that’s fully searchable, thanks to OCR technology.

Scan anything, from documents to QR codes, to save contacts, open websites and much more. Only through April 16th, you can get a lifetime subscription to SwiftScan VIP for 76% off $200 at just $48. Use coupon code ENJOY20 at checkout to unlock the extra discount.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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