Soldiers: As society, we are collectively indebted to our soldiers: Rajnath Singh | India News

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SURAT: The people of India are collectively indebted to the soldiers who protect the country’s borders with a strong sense of national pride, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said.
The principle of “security first” flows from “India first”, he said at a programme organised here on Saturday by the Maruti Veer Jawan Trust here to honour and offer monetary support to the families of 131 martyred soldiers.
“All those working within the borders of this nation, whether they are scientists, businessmen, persons engaged in any profession or those running the government, are able to do so because our brave soldiers are protecting our borders with a strong sense of national pride,” Singh said in his speech.
“You and I are someone who follow the path of `India first’. If `India first’ is the path to be followed, then security also comes first. Therefore, the concept of `security first’ comes with the concept of `India first’,” the Union minister said.
A soldier’s duty and responsibility are unique because he faces death every day and knows that an enemy bullet can come from anywhere, any time, he said.
“Despite knowing this, they protect the borders with all their heart and soul. This happens because our soldiers have a feeling of love for the security of this nation and the people of this nation. There is a strong sense of national self-respect within them too. As society, we are collectively indebted to our soldiers,” Singh said.
Many of India’s soldiers come from very ordinary, poor families, and they join the Army because they have the passion to do something for the country, he said, adding, “these diamonds, with their shine, have never allowed darkness to come into the country, and will never allow darkness to come.”
“Some diamonds come out of the ground in the form of (precious) stones, while some diamonds are in the form of humans, who are created by their behavior and their values. There is also a diamond which protects the borders of the country,” he said.
The Maruti Veer Jawan Trust provided financial assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh each to the families of 131 martyred soldiers by way of tribute, a release said.


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