Sony PS5 Pro leaked specs confirmed: This is what to expect from the next PlayStation 5 launching soon

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Sony PS5 Pro launch in 2024: The PS5 Pro, the much-anticipated upgrade to Sony’s PlayStation 5, is set to hit the shelves during the holiday season in 2024. Recent reports confirmed the authenticity of the leaked specifications for this upcoming console variant.

Sony PS5 Pro: Source Validation and Leaked Documentation

Anonymous sources, who are not authorised to discuss company plans, validated the leaked documents, initially revealed by the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead. These documents, originating from a PlayStation developer portal, were circulated this week among a broader group of third-party developers, reported Insider Gaming.

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Previously, Key to Gaming had reported on the PS5 Pro, codenamed ‘Trinity.’ This version aims to deliver enhanced and consistent FPS at 4K resolution and introduces a ‘performance mode’ designed for 8K resolution, along with advanced ray tracing features. The specifications also mentioned that Trinity would boast 30 WGP and 18000mts memory.

Sony PS5 Pro: Details from the Leaked Documents

The recently leaked documents have added more clarity to these details. The PS5 Pro is expected to render graphics 45 pct faster than the standard PS5 and will feature ray-tracing capabilities that are 2-3 times improved, with up to 4x in specific scenarios. The console will offer a powerful 33.5 Teraflops of computing power, along with the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution for enhanced upscaling and anti-aliasing. It is also planned to support resolutions up to 8K in future software development kits.

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Additionally, the PS5 Pro will incorporate a custom machine learning architecture and an AI Accelerator capable of handling 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation and 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point operations.

Insider Gaming, under confidentiality terms, has revealed that Devkits have been available to first-party studios since September 2023 and to third-party developers since January 2024. Testkits, which will closely resemble the final product, are expected to be available from Spring 2024 onwards.

While the PS5 Pro is currently slated for a holiday 2024 release, there is a possibility that this timeline might change. The release date could potentially be influenced by the limited number of first-party games set to launch for the PlayStation 5 this year.

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