SUV hits biker, speeds with his body on roof for 18km | India News

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VIJAYAWADA: In a scene eerily similar to the 2023 New Year’s-eve horror in Delhi, an allegedly drunk man drove nearly 18km in Andhra’s Anantapur with the body of a biker perched on his Innova roof where the latter had been flung after being hit by the SUV late Sunday.
Locals alarmed by the grotesque sight on the highway near Y Kothapalli stopped the driver later, but he escaped leaving his Innova behind.
The deceased was identified as Jinne Erra Swamy (35), a tractor mechanic and the sole breadwinner for his family. he leaves behind his wife and two kids. Swamy was returning home to nearby Cholasamudram village from his in-laws’ place when tragedy struck. Police said he was hit by the Innova at such high speed that he was flung several feet in the air and landed on top of the car, probably lifeless.
The SUV driver kept going, apparently unaware of the body on top. When he was stopped near Beluguppa’s Hanumireddypalli by some locals and other drivers who gave a chase, he fled realising the enormity of the situation. Police have seized the Innova.
In Delhi on the night of Dec 31, 2022, some drunk revellers drove nearly 12km with a woman’s body stuck under their car after she was hit and flung beneath.

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