Tamil Nadu State Women’s Commission to launch website, grievance app | Chennai News

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CHENNAI: The State Women’s Commission in Tamil Nadu will launch a website and a dedicated grievance app. This move comes alongside efforts to transition to a paperless, “e-office” workflow by eliminating cumbersome filing systems.
“We’ve been working diligently for over two months to make this happen. We plan to launch the website during the upcoming Pongal festival,” commission’s chairwoman A S Kumari said.
This platform will act as a comprehensive resource, empowering women with information on relevant laws, helplines for the elderly and children and updates on upcoming events and meetings. “Our primary goal is to keep women informed and expedite the action taken on their complaints,” Kumari said.
Currently, the commission receives an average of 50 petitions daily. These petitions are manually sorted and forwarded to authorities concerned and police, often through postal communication, leading to delays of 5-7 days. “The grievance app will reduce this communication time by at least half,” Kumari explained.
“Both the commissioner and the petitioner will have a real-time access to the petition’s status, ensuring transparency and efficiency,” she said. The app is likely to be launched by March.
Recognising the need for a digital infrastructure overhaul, the commission has also invested in procuring additional computers and laptops. “Currently, managing each petition involves mountains of paperwork. By switching to electronic copies, we can not only increase efficiency but also free up physical space,” Kumari said.
The State Women’s Commission’s digital transformation initiatives represent a significant step towards streamlining its operations and enhancing its ability to serve women across the state, she said.


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