‘This test in winter will not go in vain, will bring change in Haryana’, says Deepender Hooda | Chandigarh News

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LADWA: Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Hooda expressed optimism that the upcoming year would mark a transformation in the state, with the BJP-JJP government making way for a Congress government in 2024. Deepender, elated by the substantial turnout at the Jan Aakrosh Rally in Ladwa, Kurukshetra, likened the event to an Agni Pariksha, emphasizing that this winter test would not be in vain and would signal a significant shift in the state’s leadership.The rally was orchestrated by Ladwa MLA Mewa Singh.
Haryana’s leader of opposition and former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was also scheduled to attend the rally but he didn’t make it to the venue as his helicopter could not take off from Mahendragarh due to weather conditions.
Referring to the arrogance of the people sitting in the government, he said that this government tortured every section of society. “The farmers’ movement continued for a year. The houses of 750 farmers (who died during agitation) were destroyed. Far from listening to the farmers, people in power did not even say a word of sympathy to the families of the martyred farmers,” he said.
“On the contrary, farmers were even called terrorists and traitors. When the sports daughters who won medals for the country asked for justice, they were brutally dragged on the streets. Instead of providing justice to them, the government stood with the accused BJP MP,” he added.
Deepender said that the government used force to suppress agitations against anti-people decisions and there was a lathi charge on farmers, laborers, MNREGA workers, sarpanch, rural watchmen, sanitation workers, players’ daughters, commission agents, Asha workers, Anganwadi workers.
He pointed out that Haryana today has maximum corruption. He added, “People wanted to remove BJP in the 2019 elections itself as they were unhappy with this government. They defeated 12 out of 14 ministers and sent home, but JJP betrayed its voters and formed the BJP government,”
“Neither 5100 old age pension was given in 5 years, nor 75 percent reservation was given in factories. The agreement of the BJP-JJP government built on the foundation of corruption was not to give 5100 pensions, but to close the files of their corruption, divide the departments among themselves, and carry out scams,” he added.
He confronted the JJP, pointing out that in the previous election, it had garnered 10 seats by pledging to relegate the BJP to ‘Jamnapar.’ However, he asserted that this time, the JJP would struggle to secure even a single seat. “The public will take revenge for the betrayal by voting for them,” he said.
Deepender promised that the Congress would provide a monthly pension of Rs 6,000 to the elderly.
“Today there is neither employment in the private sector nor employment in the government sector. Permanent jobs are being replaced by temporary employment through the Skill Corporation or Agniveer,” he added.
Talking about the massive scale of unemployment in Haryana, Deepender said that in the election year, 13,000 Group D jobs were released and 14 lakh educated youth filled out the forms for them. “People from other states are given most of the jobs given out by the Haryana government. Out of 80 in SDO recruitment, 78 were selected from outside. In SDO Electrical, 77 out of 99 were selected from outside, in the list of Assistant Professor Technical, 103 out of 156 were selected from outside and now recently, people from other states were recruited on 4 out of 7 posts in the SDOP list,” he said.
He urged Chief Minister Khattar to disclose the specific RSS office from which the directive originates, outlining the allocation of jobs to individuals from outside Haryana.
Highlighting that more than 20 recruitment scams took place in Haryana, he said, “Bribes worth crores of Rupees were caught in HPSC offices. Haryana has the highest unemployment in the country due to which the youth are selling their houses and taking loans worth lakhs, risking their lives and going abroad through the jungles of Panama or Mexico,” he said.
He said he had himself met the youth of Haryana in America who are living there under compulsion of work and added that it is also difficult for them to come back. He said he would change this situation when Congress government is formed in the state. “If someone wants to go abroad, he should go happily, but not under compulsion,” he said.
MP Deepender asserted that BJP-JJP made Haryana number 1 in inflation in the country and said, “Today the most Haryana has the most expensive electricity, and people have to pay thousands as their domestic electricity bills, because the government is providing expensive electricity to the consumers of Haryana by changing the agreement of cheap electricity with Adani company,”
Deepender promised 300 units of free electricity, Rs 6,000 old age pension, gas cylinder for Rs 500.


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