Violent Clash Between 2 Groups In Noida As Police Struggle To Stop Chaos

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Users on X demanded strict actions against the people.

Several people were taken into custody after a violent clash broke out between two groups in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. The entire commotion was caught on camera, which showed people punching each other as police tried to control the situation.

In the now-viral video of the clash, a cop can be seen trying to intervene and break the fight as people thrashed each other with hands and sticks.

DCP Central Noida commented on the video clarifying, “In connection with the above incident, the people who were involved in the fight have been taken into police custody by Phase-2 police station. The injured have been given a medical check-up. Further legal action is being taken by the police after receiving the complaint.”

Watch the video here:

Commenting on the viral video, a user wrote on X, “India’s justice system has become weak. The justice system needs to be changed. If it is not changed, the situation will remain the same. The rotten justice system is being sustained by money.”

Other users on X wrote that strict actions should be taken against the people. 

“This is a big mistake of Uttar Pradesh administration,” another user wrote.

“This is the situation everywhere, there is no hearing, you must have got Rs. 50,000 from now on, this is the rate nowadays for filing FIR and writing false reports, there is a rate card in whole UP, the paan vendors outside the police station, the hoteliers, all of them have banks, they get their accounts after the work is done, it is bitter for all of them but this is the truth,” the third user commented.

A section of users on X claimed that the groups involved in the clash belonged to Bhangel.

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