X bans over 2 lakh Indian accounts for policy violations amid growing online content concerns

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In a recent disclosure, X, owned by Elon Musk, unveiled its monthly compliance report, shedding light on its stringent actions against policy violators in India. Between February 26 and March 25, the company took a decisive stance, banning over 213,000 accounts across the nation. These suspensions primarily stemmed from infringements related to the promotion of child sexual exploitation, dissemination of non-consensual nudity, and endorsements of terrorism on the platform.

Strengthened Measures Against Harmful Content

The report outlines a substantial figure, with 212,627 accounts flagged and banned during the specified timeframe for their involvement in circulating illegal and harmful content. Furthermore, X undertook measures against 1,235 accounts found guilty of promoting terrorism within India.

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“The platform has long-standing measures aimed at combating child sexual exploitation and terrorism. X maintains a strict stance against any content featuring or endorsing child sexual exploitation, whether it’s media, text, illustrations, or computer-generated images,” the report stated.

Addressing these alarming trends, the report underscores X’s steadfast commitment to mitigating instances of child sexual exploitation and terrorist activities. It firmly states the platform’s zero-tolerance policy towards any content, be it media, text, illustrations, or computer-generated images, that promotes or features such illicit activities.

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As concerns mount over the proliferation of harmful content online, platforms like X are ramping up efforts to combat these activities and uphold a conducive environment for constructive discourse. Responding to user grievances, X reported receiving 5,158 complaints from Indian users during the same reporting period. The platform’s swift and effective grievance redressal mechanisms are highlighted through this ban, demonstrating its dedication to addressing user concerns promptly.

“We reviewed 86 grievances appealing account suspensions. All were resolved with appropriate responses. Following our review, we overturned suspensions for 7 accounts based on specific circumstances. The remaining reported accounts remain suspended,” the report clarified.

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Balance of Policy Enforcement

The report elaborates on the platform’s response to user appeals, revealing that 86 grievances challenging account suspensions were processed. Following a thorough review, seven of these account suspensions were overturned, while the remaining reported accounts remained suspended in accordance with X’s policies and guidelines.

Despite the overturning of a few suspensions, the majority of reported accounts remained banned, reaffirming the company’s commitment to upholding its standards. Additionally, X fielded 29 general account inquiries during the reporting period, underscoring its active engagement with users on various fronts.

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